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What is Motor Bazaar?

Motor Bazaar is an online collaboration platform that aims to connect buyers and sellers of second hand vehicles without any commissions. We match similar buyers together and let them negotiate with dealers.

What should I look for when I request a test drive?

We recommend that you keep a checklist of items like comfort, utility, functionality, ease of use with tech features, and the general driving experience. This will help you get a better sense of whether the model matches your driving style and buying criteria.

Can I only purchase second hand cars on Motor Bazaar?

We currently focus on the selling of second hand vehicles but any vendor can submit a listing for a new vehicle and attract interested parties.

Can I trade-in my car on Motor Bazaar?

If you have a trade-in that you want dealers to consider, you may indicate so during the sign up process. Interested parties will then get in touch after viewing the listing.

Is there an ideal day to purchase a car?

We are an online market place with no business hours and thus you can login to the app or visit the website anytime to checkout the available catalogue.

Does Motor Bazaar partner with dealerships?

Yes we do! Please send an email to and our friendly support team will help to set this up.

How do you decide which dealers to list?

We partner with manufacturer-approved, franchised car dealerships from all across Kenya to ensure that you can find a fair price, from a local dealer, for your chosen vehicle. All of our registered dealers commit to our Dealer Charter that promotes best practice within the trade, ensuring that you will not get any nasty surprises when you are completing your purchase.

Is there any way to check messages from prospective customers?

Yes our platform come’s with complete Messages solution. You just need to go to your dashboard to see all conversations or use our mobile app.

Do listings require review and approval before getting posted?

Yes, our quality assessment team has to review all listings before they get published on the website and the app.